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Naomi connects classical music to listeners’ lives with a sound that’s warm and engaging – with a touch of humor.

Classical Announcer
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Naomi covered The Death of Klinghoffer and The Exterminating Angel at the Metropolitan Opera, and the premiere of Fellow Travelers at Cincinnati Opera.

With James Obergefell at opening

        night of Fellow Travelers

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To celebrate the 75th birthday

of violin superstar Itzhak Perlman,

Naomi produced and narrated

(in German) the two-hour radio

program Zur Person for Südwestfunk's

classical radio station SWR2 in Stuttgart.

Naomi has written and produced stories for NPR and PRI, and specials distributed by PRX. The story about her great-uncle Curt was selected for an NPR CD set commemorating the 100th anniversary of World War I.  After a raccoon invasion of her house, she became a commentator for NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday. She also created two April Fool’s stories for NPR: about the discovery of Beethoven’s Tenth, and the Indigenous Sculpture Society.


Let Naomi entertain your group with her humorous talk about life behind the microphone. Featuring audio examples, and the story of her radio interview with the famous mime Marcel Marceau.

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